Hay Big Sifter

I know that this photograph isn't strictly anything to do with the Hazelnut Orchard, but I couldn't resist letting this cat in. Sifter used to spend a lot of quality cat time in the hay-barn down the back of the orchard paddock.

 Sifter the cat on the hay.
cool cat

Mice and rats beware - Sifter could still be here. He's big. He's very good. And he's HUNGRY.

Sifter the cat is currently AWOL - but that's another story!

Update, Some Years Later...

This was one of the earliest Moosey webpages. So naturally Sifter's status, initially reported as 'AWOL', needs to be updated to 'PDD' - 'presumed dearly departed', who know how many years ago! Cheers, Big Fat Sifter...