Regarding Garden Gnomes

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Busy Gnomes by the Pond

I've asked the following garden gnome question many times before. Is there such a thing as one gardener having too many garden gnomes? Let me put it another way. How does one know one has reached one's garden gnome limit?

Several times this past year I've declared, before witnesses, that I will not be looking to acquire any more gnomes. I already have more than seventy living around my pond.

A Large, Country-Style Pond

Granted, it is a large, country-style pond, but still the sight of all those red hats lurking in the greenery can be quite alarming. All the little chaps stare over at my cottage from their spots by the edge of the water. Some mornings it feels very crowded!

OK, I suspect I've almost reached my garden gnome limit (note the word 'almost'). One give-away is that I can't fit them all into one pond photograph. So here's my latest declaration, given in good faith on the 25th July 2012. I will not be getting any more gnomes, unless one of the following criteria is met:

I also reserve the right to rescue any gnome who, in my unbiased opinion, has been unfairly abandoned, or is in danger of being thrown out in the rubbish (and thus turned into landfill).

So Many Garden Gnomes

Hmm... In the meantime, I've been spending some happy wet-winter days painting the chaps, giving them healthy complexions and new coloured clothing. Facial hair and eyebrows have been tidied up, too (prophet-like white beards are enjoying a comeback). I've branched out a bit colourwise - you'll spy some purple pants and shirts, though red hats are still de rigueur. Enjoy!