Kiftsgate Rose

I bought a batch of old-fashioned white rambling roses second-hand, back in the day, and planted them to climb up large trees in my garden. The Driveway garden's Gleditsia was paired with the rose Kiftsgate.

 Climbing up the Locust tree in the Driveway.
Old rose - Kiftsgate

Well done, me. It's the perfect rose for a large tree. Once-flowering, with fragrant flowers and so fat (touch wood) it's not been a bully. Mind you, the area is semi-shaded in summer. The wind teases the canes from time to time, and hooking them back up amongst the thorny branches of the Gleditsia is interesting.


My journal for 2010 only records my intention to plant it, and names it Kiftsgate. My attention to labelling details was a bit dodgy back then, so I hope I've got the name right. Hmm...

 Kiftsgate, I think.
Rambler by the Driveway Garden