Stone Garden Sculpture

 Mooseys Country Garden - Treestump Hiding Specialists.
Garden Art? Stones on a Stump

I've always used river stones a lot in the garden for edges, and this is a set of left overs from the edge of the Dog-Path Garden. Some might even consider this a stylish piece of garden 'sculpture', and so it stays. Hee hee...

River stones are here in the garden naturally, as the Moosey Garden is situated on an old river flood plain. The front paddock is extremely stony, and some places in the garden borders are annoyingly stony to dig.

There is good money to be made in river stone sculpture - I've seen hundred dollar structures made just from river stones. My humbler effort doesn't quite match up, though...

But is it Garden Art?

My motley collection of assorted nonsense masquerading as Garden Art contains much more than than stone circles on stumps. How about an original battered and peeling garden gnome who has survived being used as a cricket stump? Hmm... One person's junk, and all that...


This photograph was taken years and years ago. The garden has grown, things have changed, the stump has been submerged in greenery, and the stones redirected as yet another garden edge expands ever outwards.