Cat Sleeping Spots

Consider the vital cat-question of the best sleeping spot. The sun is extremely inconsiderate to snoozing cats, moving across the sky during the day. Cat lounge can be full of hot baking sun one hour, and gloomy and shady the next. A wise cat gets to know the routine, and can anticipate sun movement, but this is hard work. It's best to have a plan B when things don't go according to plan A.

 Looking past a snoozing cat towards Frisbee Lawn.
Stumpy Snoozing on the Patio Table

Sifter the Cat

Sifter is a chair cat, and appreciates the different orientations of the inside house chairs. He is too big to fit in normal household boxes, and is really not interested in the cane cat box his doting owners have put on the bench. The crocheted circular blanket doesn't impress this cat either - for bench duty a pile of tea towels is far more comfortable.

Table duty is usually done sitting on the newspaper. Sifter considers that he is the best judge of his comfort - the only exception is when his owner leaves her down-filled jacket out. Aargh!

Stumpy Cat

Stumpy likes to burrow inside things - particularly boxes and jerseys which are on people. This is until a visitor arrives, when she turns into a lap cat. Stumpy loves to sit on the visitors and cover them with fur. When the visitors leave she finds another burrow.

 Why does she like the feel of the jigsaw pieces on her fur? A cat skin massage?
Stumpy Cat and the Jigsaw Box

Jerome and Mugsy Cat

Jerome is the least sociable of the cats, and often prefers to hide away in some upstairs room and snooze out the day. Consequently she is often shut in cupboards by mistake and lost. Downstairs, when she is overwhelmed by passion for the dog, she sits with him. He groans rather a lot and it's debatable whether he enjoys the attention he gets. Mugsy likes lying on the floor, preferably in cat lounge by the bay window. She'll stretch out here all day, moving along as the sun does.

 Stumpy and Mugsy choose the best spot.
Cat Baskets by the Fire

When the wood burner is fired up on colder nights, all the cats move to the hearth rug. This is a time for stretching and extreme bravery, as cat tummies are exposed for all other cats and the dog to admire. Every now and then the dog stands on someone and there is a rearrangement of attitudes and positions. Then the dog goes away and the great tummy exposing contest begins anew.

Cat Baskets

Of course one of the many cat baskets might be preferred. But no basket belongs to one cat - share and share alike!