Samoan Cats

The basic physical shape of a Samoan cat is very different to my own cats, and others I've met on my world travels. Samoan cats are narrow and light, with long bodies, slim long legs, and the shortest fur hair. They are like cat-walk models, compared to the lumpy, fluffy fatties who live with me in my house and garden!

A family of slim Samoan cats lived at Stevensons, the beach resort in Manase village in Savai'i, where we stayed on our recent tropical island holiday. At dinner time one would appear on cue at the beach fale to escort a hungry visitor to the restaurant. Humans and cats would then sit gracefully - waiting, waiting...

 You can see how slim his face shape is.
Black Boss Cat

Boss Cat

Boss cat, a boy, really knew how to work the restaurant crowd. He could spot a cat-lover mark in seconds, and would sit absolutely still by the target's knees, making the sweetest sounds - nothing too pushy. He could read the most subtle body language, differentiating between a human leg-scratch and a hand gently sneaking him some fish of the day.

Like a good street entertainer he knew exactly when to stop and move on. And he knew the value of gratitude, enthusiastically eating everything offered - egg yolks on spoons, crunchy vegetables, ice-cream and banana, and of course meats.

 She spent her days snoozing on our fale verandah.
Black Female on the Beach

The black female was a daily visitor to each beach fale (house). She, too, only stayed long enough to check the food-potential. Five minutes cleaning the sand from her bottom with long slim leg in the air, then the lightest of leaps onto the visitor's lap - two minutes (maximum) patting time to gauge the effect. If there was no noticeable movement inside, no fridge door noises, no russling of food wrappers, then she was off to greener pastures. Without even a backwards glance.

No Dogs Allowed!

The village of Manase is dog-free, by ruling of the Matai (the chief of the village council). No wonder the cats at Stevensons are so well drilled! True professionals!