Little Mac the Black and White Kitten

Welcome to Little Mac, our new black and white kitten, the latest furry feline to 'find' Mooseys. In three weeks the kitten has gone from a far-too-small tiny creature to a strong and confident Size Four Kitten. At least Size Four!

 Goggle eyes!
Little Mac at Six Weeks

Her kitten body seems twice as long, and she's much, much taller. Her fighty-bitey moods are lessening, and she's starting to understand the wisdom of purring for the big people. But wait one moment. He or she? The vet wasn't sure. So we won't know that answer until he/she goes back for the three month check-up.

Harmony in the House

Little Mac gets on really well with the big cats and the dog. She follows Uncle Fluff-Fluff around the garden, and chases Rusty's tail. Oops. Only Histeria the tabby is unfriendly, but nothing too nasty happens. She's not called Hissy for nothing!

 In his cat basket.
Little Mac the Kitten Snoozing

Little Mac was found in the middle of the road in the middle of the night, dazzled by Daughter of Moosey's car headlights. This kitten was far too small to be motherless, and I don't think she was feral. Did some heartless, nasty person deliberately dump her in the country? We'll never know.

 The picture in the top left was his very first one taken.
Little Mac the Kitten

This web-page gives me a chance to put all Little Mac's first 'baby photos' together. Enjoy!

What's in a Name?

Little Mac is my version of the kitten's full name, Tarmac. When (if) she grows really large, I wonder if it will change to 'Big Mac'? Oops... Update, three months later after the vet visit. Little Mac is definitely a girl. She is a she. She's growing into a beautiful catlet.

So Sorry...

One evening in February 2013, when everything seemed totally normal, Little Mac disappeared from the house. She never, ever came back, nor did we ever find her body. We just don't know what happened, and it still makes us really sad. Little Mac, we miss you!