Cats of the World

 What a wonderful face!
Black and White Cat

Mothers hope they've taught their daughters some of the good things in life - how to knit, how to tend a garden - and how to love cats. Well, I think I've done the last one quite well.

In fact, one of my greatest mother-joys is Daughter of Moosey's love of cats. Where did she possibly get that from? She manages to find felines to talk to wherever she goes. Remember she rescued the latest Moosey kitten (Little Mac), found shivering on the road in the dead of night.

Every Christmas I give Daughter her own special Moosey Cats Calendar. I try to be fair, but big Fluff-Fluff usually pushes his way into quite a number of the pictures. The family cats then go on her wall to keep her company, in whichever country she's working.

Cats in Greece and Turkey

Lately Daughter of Moosey has been travelling in Greece and Turkey, and has been sending me updates on the street and family cats she's met. She's been buying dried cat food and wandering the villages with her pockets full, just in case.

 Charming cats.
Cats of Istanbul - 1

Husband (a photographer) has been roped in to take cat pictures and send them to me. He writes:

'Istanbul is full of cats, and the locals are really friendly towards them. That means the cats get fed, and also they're in good physical condition. There are quite a few cats out in the evening, cat-cruising and getting cat-rubs from strangers...'

Talking to Cats

Daughter spends a lot of quality time talking to the cats she meets. She tells me she's seen the Turkish/Greek equivalent of all the cats at Mooseys except Tiger. Apparently cats do not get quite that rotund over there. Oh Tiger, my senior cat - you're unique!

 There's always time to stop and pat a cat.
Cats of Istanbul - 2

I hope you'll enjoy meeting some of Daughter's new cat friends.


Grateful thank-yous to DOM's Husband for sending me the pictures. if you'd like to, check out Husband's more serious photographs, which may not be quite so 'catty'...