Smelling of Roses?

New Zealand Cat Litter

Cat owners understand the protocols for kitty-litter. Some cats lead the happiest of lives indoors, and obviously the house pot-plants are not an appropriate cat-toilet. But unless the kitty-litter tray is freshened, or changed every day...

Kitty-Litter Trays

Country cats like those at Mooseys have the run of the house and garden, and winters are mild enough to dig decent outdoor holes in the soil. But I still have two kitty-litter trays in the house.

These are for the elderly (Jerome the grey, too old and arthritic to get herself outside), the infirm (possibly a rude way to describe Mugsy my disabled cat, who actually talks to her kitty-litter tray), and the small (Minimus the new grey kitten)... And the lazy? Tiger the Tortoiseshell! Big, fat, lazy, slack, Tiger cat! Get out of the kitty-litter!

Smelling of Roses

Naturally the question of a house deodoriser often comes up (particularly if Tiger has been trespassing). I've tried many products off the supermarket shelf, including cheap perfume, which I've puffed purposefully into the air. My top solution has the Moosey house smelling - of roses!

 A David Austin climber.
Crown Princess Margareta Rose

In the spring and summer seasons, by far the best fragrance foil to the kitty-litter box is a vaseful of freshly picked roses. And best of the best is the Crown Princess Margareta, a David Austin English climbing rose who grows on an archway in the Hazelnut Orchard.

 David Austin's Othello and Crown Princess Margareta.
Favourite Roses

A Heady Counter-Fragrance

I hope this rose isn't offended by my - ahem - use of her. She provides a heady counter-fragrance, and all cat-produced malodours vanish as wafts of the Crown Princess's beautiful rose perfume fill the house.

Crown Princess Margareta performed above all expectations in a recent partnership with the sultry, brooding Othello (David Austin's best man-rose by far). Hmm... They were extremely successful and sympathetic vase-fellows...

Cat and Rose Lovers

Cat lovers are often rose lovers, and vice versa. This suggests an interesting marketing angle. Introducing the Crown Princess Margareta rose, guaranteed to overwhelm your kitty litter box with her intensely strong fruity fragrance. Hee hee...