Apple Tree Garden Images

Over the years a garden area can change so much. Shrubs come and go. Trees grow, the garden alters its sun-shade status, and plants once happy suddenly need relocating. Or the gardener changes his or her style - decides that perennials are just too much trouble, or in a moment of extreme greed buys thirty new David Austin roses and squashes them all in. Oops. Sounds like me...

Word descriptions of a garden are tricky, and I do my very best to bring the look and the 'feel' of my gardens to literary life. But words can quickly become out of date. I adore taking photographs - and, of course, the more recent the photograph, the better the definition and quality. This is not necessarily true of the garden thus represented!

Here are some images of flowers and shrubs which grow in the Apple Tree Gardens. And some current garden views, so you can see how everything all fits together.