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Winter Hummingbird in my garden

20 Jan '07 8:36 am
At last the photos taken by the bird researcher have arrived. I was a little disappointed that the shots I thought he was taking that showed me holding the bird turned out to be close-ups of my hand holding the bird and one close-up of just my face (that will probably be burned shortly); looking very grandmotherly with gray hair and wrinkles shining. Nevermind that I actually could be a grandmother, it is still a shock to the system to look like one.

Anyway, here are the bird pictures. Isn't he a beauty!
My Pictures.jpg
Close-up of the irridescent feathers that were just developing under his throat. He is just a teenager and doesn't have his adult plummage yet.
My Pictures2.jpg
This one shows the irridescent patch under his eye. Such a bright eyed little guy.
My Pictures3.jpg
Showing the beautiful brown and green tones on his back. He is a Rufous Hummingbird.
My Pictures4.jpg
Showing off his new bracelet that he will wear for the rest of his life.
My Pictures5.jpg
Finally, these are my hands holding him this time.
My Pictures6.jpg
The final shot of him sitting pladicly in my hand just before realizing he was free. He sat there for two pictures before flitting off to his favorite tree.
Faith at Bide-a-Wee Farm, Alabama, USA

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Beautiful Bird

20 Jan '07 9:32 am
Dear Faith, how beautiful these pictures are! And I'm sure that your kind grandmotherly face would look just as lovely, hee hee! What a rare experience, to look after such a dear little bird. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing.
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20 Jan '07 10:19 am
It is so interesting to see such amazing pictures .Thank you for sharing them with us .
Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backwards. I just HAD to drop that into the conversation .One day I might be in a quiz show and for a thousand dollars might be asked what is the only bird that can fly backwards .But it hasn't happened yet ,but it might be useful for someone else to know that.

Jack Holloway
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SEQUOIA FARM Haenertsburg South Africa

Wonderful, Faith!

20 Jan '07 9:45 pm
I've been watching out for your pics - and they were worth the wait!! As for the grandmotherly pic - keep it: in ten years time you will marvel at how young you were! (Sorry, yes, that WAS supposed to cheer you up :lol: ) When the old bod depresses me, I think of a friend who gyms ten times a week and despite that has not kept a 'young' body, merely a trim one - and then I indulge in being my age! (I know it is easier for us men...)

I thought of you when looking at the wonderful photo essay on hummingbirds in the latest National Geographic in the school library yesterday!

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Waterloo, Belgium

So young at heart!!

20 Jan '07 10:12 pm
My sweet Faith, this last post of yours is a pure enchantment! And not only for these absolutely stunning photos , where affection and tendernss are everpresent together with the beauty of the tiny creature!

It is because the beauty of your human heart is once again unveilled ! You are open and direct like an innocent child , Faith! I am grateful I have met you! I am sure, the look of your eyes has not changed since you were a child! I am sure, that people who know you since your early years of childhood and youth , will recognize you at once, if you meet each other somewhere by chance, after many-many years have passed since your last meeting...White hair or wrinkles is not the point...Think of me, because I am....doomed to colour my hair , I don't know for how long, because my little Nicholas, who came so late in my life,.... does not like to see shining white hair on my head!! The mothers of his friends and class-mates are much younger than me, you see... Image
"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

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Kent, England

I'm in awe!

21 Jan '07 2:54 am
Thank you so much, Faith, for sharing these wonderful photos with us - they are a delight!

But I agree with Jack and Liza (yes, I know I'm the whippersnapper of the forum, but hopefully that doesn't preclude me from having an opinion, does it? :wink: :D)) - you will always be young at heart and that's the most important place to be young! My father was 40 when I was born (me being the youngest of four) and I remember once, many years ago, my boyfriend of the time thought my Dad was my Grandfather as he turned grey quite young (actually, around the time I was born - does that tell you anything?!?! :lol:). Anyway, my point is that now he's pushing 70 but still just as active and, if anything, happier than he was back then - he spends almost all his time either gardening or building something for the garden (he just has one of those minds that can "see" things being put together instantly), he became the 2006 Indoor Bowls Champion of their village (it's only a small village, but hey, he's still Champion! :D) and he is now a Grandfather twice over (my sister has two gorgeous children). So, what's more important? :D
"If you'd have a mind at peace
A heart that cannot harden
Go find a door that opens wide
Upon a beautiful garden."
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Faith S
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Hummingbirds and other creatures

21 Jan '07 3:56 am
Oh, you are all so sweet; and Liza, you brought tears to my eyes. You are such encouraging friends and I am very fortunate to have found you all.

You have emboldened me to post some other pictures of wildlife around our farm. These photos were taken probably in 1999 with a 35mm camera, so I had to scan them. A by-product is that I am learning so much about how to use my new printer/scanner/copier/fax machine. The wonders of technology.

So here goes: The first picture is of a baby bird's little head poking up at the mouth of a nest box that used to be on a post beside my outdoor potting area. Second is a box turtle that we found beside our small pond. He wouldn't stick his head out for us. Third is the Muscovie duck that used to come to our farm every summer. She never seemed to have a mate, but would hang out with the pair of Mallards who came to have babies in our pond. We named her Ms. Dugan after the character in a childrens book, "Dugan the Duck". She used to follow me around the farm begging for handouts. This picture I called Ms. Dugan pulling guard duty. She was swimming with the mother Mallard and her babies. The fourth and fifth pictures are of a crayfish that I found walking on the grass in our backyard. The picture of me shows my rapidly developing gray hair, but is a little more flattering than the most recent one. The last picture is for Bambi's benefit. It is of the snake who we had to rescue twice from bird netting. He was a Common Kingsnake I believe. We never thought to get pictures while trying to free him from the netting. We were always too busy thinking of getting him freed up before he expired.
Baby bird.jpeg
Box Turtle.jpg
Ms. Dugan and baby Mallards.jpg
Faith & crayfish.jpg
Common Kingsnake.jpg
Faith at Bide-a-Wee Farm, Alabama, USA

Come abide with me a wee while.

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Lillooet, BC, Canada

Garden Visitors

21 Jan '07 7:33 pm
Hi, Faith,

Thanks for posting the pictures! They go to prove that there is much more in our gardens than the flowers we plant! Was that an especially large snake? He sure looked big to me! Here's a picture of one of my visitors from yesterday. Unfortunately, she turned a bit away and hid most of her crest!


Pileated Woodpecker2.jpg
One of the local pileated woodpecker family

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Waterloo, Belgium

22 Jan '07 12:07 am
Faith, again it is so lovely seeing you so close to Animal Life! In the ..."grey hair picture" I can only see a lovely , delighted young girl, playing in amazement -- like my little Nicholas -- with the animals of her back yard! What is the little brown basket by her side? I loved the tiny baby bird head waiting for mama to arrive...And you are both so lucky, you and Mrs Dugan , meeting each other every other year! I would so much love to have some water life in the garden, myself! For the moment I visualize/dream a small pond in the middle of the back gardens , surrounded by Rose bushes , some tiny waterfall, and ....other lovely things! And, who knows, if I visualize some visiting Mrs Dugans, too, do you think the whole of my dream will come true some day ? The problem is my earthly dream is quite expensive for us for the time being... But I will go on dreaming...I always do...Image !!!....

You never told me if you liked that magical wild life/hummingbirds website I sent you the other day : . And, I think, The "back yard visitors " shown here are as beautiful as yours! I also adored the moving/flying hummingbirds (:gifs) slideshow!
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"..So,perhaps, it is easiest, through awareness of flowers in particular, of their radiant beauty and purity, their vibrant colour, to come to the excellence of the One and be uplifted beyond thought to our divine selves".Dorothy Maclean

Faith S
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Alabama, USA

Wildlife and gardens

22 Jan '07 3:37 am
Wow Gordonf! Your Pileated woodpecker is beautiful. I don't have one of those in my garden; although, a few have been sighted in the forests nearby in recent years. There have also been some very exciting sightings of Ivory Billed woodpeckers that were thought to be extinct.

Dear Liza, first of all I must apologize for forgetting to mention the wonderful hummingbird site you sent. I waited to look at it until later and completely forgot to mention it in my postings. I especially liked the short film of a Rufous hummingbird, since that is the kind that is in my garden this winter. I just know your dream will come true somehow because for years I had the dream of owning a small farm with lots of space to garden. Look at me now, my dream has come true! I firmly believe that whatever we truly desire will come to us if we continually visualize it.
Faith at Bide-a-Wee Farm, Alabama, USA

Come abide with me a wee while.


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