Rose cuttings


Rose cuttings

30 Oct '14 12:48 pm
Hello, I am new to the forum, from Wellington, now living in Australia and about to return home to New Zealand and start another garden.
Been a gardenaholic for 30 years and roses are my first love. Over the years I must have taken hundreds of cuttings from my roses, with mixed success, noticed with "Iceburg" I usually have 99% success rate, however this year had an interesting discovery and would welcome comments, made me think that all these years I may have been done things wrong.
Please note, I do live in the warm humid heat of Australia and my soil is (Sadly) sand based. After pruning my "Iceburgs"I must have missed picking up a few of the cut canes from the garden. Two months later when digging I found these off cuts lying in the ground and to my surprise they had rooted all along the length of the cane!!!! I cut the length into five pieces and all have taken and now have leaves. I alway take my cuttings buy poking the cut end into the soil, this was a real surprise find. Anyone take cuttings by placing the length lying on the ground? or was this a one off do you think! It certainly would be a way of getting many more cutting from the one piece of cane! :D

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Re: Rose cuttings

2 Nov '14 5:40 pm
Wow, Rosie I've never heard of layering rose cuttings. Well done you! I have had dreadful luck with rose cuttings, but I've never tried cuttings from my Icebergs. May be I should try again...

We would love photos of your garden...

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Re: Rose cuttings

4 Nov '14 2:26 am
I know very little about roses. I have heard of layered cuttings. I've never intentionally tried it but I have noticed some plants tend to do it by themselves. What an interesting find with your rose prunings! Were they under leaves or mulch or completely on the surface?

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Re: Rose cuttings

5 Nov '14 8:07 am
Sounds like a very lucky discovery. Those plant pieces were just desperate to grow for you! Nice... Cheers, M
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Re: Rose cuttings

28 Jan '19 10:27 pm
I didn't know much more about the layered cutting. Let's hope cutting will help to grow the roses well.

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