Golden Tribute Rose

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Grandview, Texas

Golden Tribute Rose

2 Aug '12 7:04 am
Dear Lady Moosey, thank you so much for your 29July2012 posting about this rose. I first noticed it whilst voting for MVP, the largish icon on the lower right. Clicked on that and have been looking for one ever since! Evidently, since it was bred in England, nurseries here do not carry it. Sigh. But. One day. . . .

love, b.

head gardener
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Re: Golden Tribute Rose

2 Aug '12 8:24 am
On roses - That rose always puts me in a thoughtful mood...
On cats - I've just pressed the update button for the MVP, and voted once (just once) for young Minimus. I see big Fluff-Fluff is making his move...
Back to roses - I love the coppery golden colour of this rose. It's just alive.
Cheers, M
Head Gardener

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