Golden Tribute Rose

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12/4/14 Bayway Village, Fern Bay, Newcastle; NSW Australia

Golden Tribute Rose

17 Sep '11 11:48 pm
I looked at that rose and fell in love. For some reason, I have taken to the semi-double (Semi-single?) roses. The problem is, in this garden, I have run out of room. Not that it matters as, to my disappointment, I have found it is a NZ only rose - quelle horreur!

Last year, whilst idly trolling through the lists of roses, I found the Kordes Climber "Summer Wine" Instant gimme! You guessed it, NZ has it, Oz doesn't, and no-one seems interested in importing it. I thought "How hard can it be?" Stop sniggering! It cost $ thousands, apparently. What a shame!

In my last garden, when I had legs that worked, I had Julia's Rose, Blueberry Hill, Seduction, Class Act, and a leggy thing that looked a lot like Iceberg, but wasn't it. You should have seen a mixed bouquet of that; just ravishingly pretty!

Summer Wine!

I just found the Royden Rose! Sob!

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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Golden Tribute Rose

18 Sep '11 9:11 am
There must be something similar in Oz. Surely?

I think you're suffering from 'the grass is greener' sickness. :mrgreen: I'm always finding things I REALLY REALLY want that aren't available in NZ. My latest must-have is a pure black, tall, Pennisetum grass in the US. I have spent months wondering how to get hold of seeds when it dawned on me that the hybrid 'Black Rage' flax is a pretty close match. Plus it's perennial, native, does well here and I already know where to buy them!

Gardeners can be real idiots sometimes! :D

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Re: Golden Tribute Rose

18 Sep '11 4:35 pm
Summer Wine is a gorgeous rose. I love the semi-singles - and I love the messy colours of blusher and creams. My only problem is that some of the sheep are in the orchard, where Summer Wine grows, and they love nibbling on new green rose growth. Must see if they can move somewhere else, because the roses are sprouting!

I've always wanted to grow Kangaroo Paws from seed. haven't successfully found any seed in NZ. And Pennisetums are banned in some NZ areas, I think, and they are the darlings of the USA Fine Gardening magazine I subscribe to. I've wanted some for ages!

Grass is greener, do you think?
cheers, M
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