Small plant yard.


Small plant yard.

13 Nov '10 6:06 pm
I want make a small plant yard in the house. I have orchids in $2 each and some ascocenda in 10 cents each. What are other more batter to add?

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Re: Small plant yard.

14 Nov '10 7:40 am
I'm sorry, but are you asking something or selling something?
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Re: Small plant yard.

14 Nov '10 9:30 am
That's one of the more obtuse ones yet!

I'm betting on the latter Moosey but even then I'm not sure what's on offer!

Hilarious! :P

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Re: Small plant yard.

15 Nov '10 5:28 am
they just never get the message-- do they??? lol - judy

i love that i can ignore "these people"-- judy

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