Compassion Rose is not flowering! Can you advise me ?...

26 Oct '09 12:57 am
Dear Moosey,

I planted the Compassion climber Rose 2 years ago, in my London garden.
it is growing well but, slowly. In the spring/early summer when I would expect the shoots to grow vigourously and for the first flowers, It grows slowly....hardly any shoots and no flowers.

There was a flourishing climbing rose which had become a tree when I moved in. I think it died through age/not sure. However, it was thriving and threw out 6 foot shoots every summer with repeat flowering all summer.

All advice is welcome

Current status!
Shallow bed / should I build this up..
Shady walled corner of the garden ( I have recently cut back as much as possible of other evergreen growth to give it more light.The trellis beside it above the wall is now covered in foliage. this blocks direct sun passing over.

should I have dug out all soil and put new soil in?
How best should I take care of it. I don't know much about gardening yet.
All leaves look healthy/no black spots or flies.

The sun travels over the garden every day....but no direct sun.

Can you advise me,

it will be much appreciated,
is it possible to save it.

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Rose sickness?

1 Nov '09 5:32 am
Dear Pam
Was it planted where the old rose stood? There is a thing called replant sickness which is poorly understood, if at all. What it boils down to is that a rose won't thrive if planted in the same soil another rose has recently been in. Compassion is a strong rose and should cope with poor light etc. How long since you planted it? Especially if in 2009, I would wait a few weeks for the rose to go quite dormant, then dig it up carefully and replace the soil for about 60 x 60 x 60cm with good potting soil/compost. Clean off as much of the 'old' ground from the rose whilst keeping the soil from the original pot, trim any damaged roots with sharp secateurs and replant. Once done, prune the rose (severely if a lot of root was lost) and it should be OK. Good luck!

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Oh sorry - 2 years ago

1 Nov '09 5:35 am
All still holds true, except that the root/plant balance might need more careful attention. If the roots look withered and unenthusiastic I would replace with a new rose, replacing the soil as well - at least 60 x 60 x 60 !

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