Masquerade climbing rose


Masquerade climbing rose

30 Jun '09 11:48 pm
I have a 1 year old Masquerade climbing rose growing up an arch which has lots of new green growth but hardly any flowers. I know it's not in an ideal situation because it's rather too close to a tree but I have no choice as it's a very small garden. I did a light prune this spring and have fed it twice this year - where am I going wrong?!!

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1 Jul '09 8:13 am
I'm no rose expert, and I don't grow Masquerade, but a lot of those old style climbers flower heavily on new seasons growth. Trimming it in spring may have cut off the growth that would go on to flower later in the season.

Others here grow Masquerade - Moosey? Jack? Can you help this poster?

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2 Jul '09 6:20 pm
Masquerade is repeat-flowering, Allotmentlil, and so cutting it back should not stop flowering altogether. However climbing-type roses often prefer to put on a bit of body before flowering, and so cutting it back might make it think 'I'm still too small for such things...'

It WILL grow lanky in shade, no matter how much you cut it. It needs to, because it needs to put on more leaves in order to get the same amount of work out of them, for they are less efficient in shade than in sun. So let it put on that growth. Tie it in in such a way that there is the minimum overlap in the branches, so that the leaves get the maximum amount of light. Feed with a low-nitrogen high-potassium feed, which will encourage flowers rather than leaves.

Good luck!

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