Old unidentified rose, and having trouble uploading pictures

13 May '09 11:43 am
Hello all. I love this site, but have had an awful time getting any pictures on. I have sent them everywhere else online but here, does not seem to accept them.

I have a lovely old (probably gallica) rose that I'd love some comments on. It's been around since before I was born (i'm 50} and my mother says it was already there when they moved to the house we lived in. I have moved it several times. I used to take cut flowers to my elementary teachers, they smell so fruity. Only blooms once in early May (oklahoma)
I am going to try like the * to upload the picture.[/img]

Well I tried , I guess my pictures are too big for this.

I'll try to re-size them somehow.

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Hi Tresakeys!

14 May '09 6:23 pm
Looking forward to seeing your rose!
There are instructions on loading pics (on the profile page I think) and also when you try to upload a pic that is too big it tells you so after trying (in red, top of 'new post' or 'post a reply' page) Your computer should be loaded with software that can reduce a pic. What format are they? .jpg?

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