Bergundy Iceberg and Intrigue

19 Apr '09 9:28 am
Hello, I am new here. i am crazy about purple. I've got purple flowers everywhere, so recently I got a bergundy iceberg rose and noticed there was an insert about it on here. I just love it so far and I got an Intrigue today, kind of a fluke at a sale, didn't even know what it was, just loved the colr, then dug around and found the tag once I got it home.

I like bunching same or near same clors together. I have some purple verbena that is a knockout and it's spread over 4 feet wide.
I have purple clematis, purple cushion mums. I have various other roses, pink simplicity in a hedge, some various others off to their own place.
I have lots of room so I stil have room for some bright yellows.

Any suggestion? The spot can take either teas or floribundas, or both.
I don't like the ones that fade out to near white after blooming. I want YELLOW and STAYS yellow. Is there such a thing? I heard of a radiant
something.. Tea rose..
Please give comments, suggestions. Glad to be here. I live in Oklahoma, North East part.
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19 Apr '09 3:53 pm
Lovely to meet you,Tresakeys.
Purple is certainly not a common favourite,but I have seen it used very effectively at a friend's garden-she put purple roses and flowers with lime green things,so your plan for yellow to accompany it will look terrific.sunny honey is a bright clear yellow,and Western sun,but i am not sure if you would have them over there,as nurseries tend to stock things that grow well in the area,and what is favourite over here in NZ may not even be heard of over there...
I hope we can see some photos when your garden is flowering.
Best wishes.


Thanks for the reply

26 Apr '09 9:50 am
WOW New Zealand! That's a place we have always wanted to visit.

Anyway, I DID try to upload some photos but for some reason it did not work.
I'll try again.

This new rose we got (my husband picked it out) is Perfect Moment and the colors are so spectacular, bright yellow with red on the ends and it stays that way all through the cycle of the bloom.

I'll see if I can upload it again.

Thanks for the reply, I just LOVE roses, always have.

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26 Apr '09 12:53 pm
It could be that the pix are too big? Try minimising them to, say, 600 pixels wide. Do I know what I'm talking about? Sounds impressive, but...

A huge welcome to our friendly forum. You now have some must-visit places to see when you make your trip to New Zealand! And best of luck with those pix. Happy gardening, M
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