Help with ID please


Help with ID please

16 Feb '09 11:35 am
I had this rose growing on my RV space in south Texas. I could not find anyone who knew the variety, so I took this photo. Anyone know what it is? It had unbelievable stems! One measured over 3ft long! It is the most beautiful rose I have ever seen.

Texas rose

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22 Feb '09 8:35 am
It's a beautiful colour! Sorry that I can't help you - sometimes things like the form, the scent, leaf colour etc. are needed in a rose ID - more so than the flower! Good luck with your search for the name of this beauty!
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Possibly 'Mr. Lincoln'

23 Feb '09 6:36 am
That one has long stems and a great red color.
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Check on scent

28 Feb '09 6:36 pm
Some of the most powerfully scented roses are also of the most beautiful reds. Others are quite scentless. The slight patterning on the petals could help: is it a change in colour or only of texture? The best reds are both satiny and velvety in texture, but not usually in a 'stripey' way. Mr Lincoln is one possibility. Chrysler Imperial and Papa Meilland are two more. Why don't you do a search on these roses and check what they say about the bush as a whole. That might give you an answer, and also lead you to worthwhile rose sites.

Good luck!

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3 Jul '09 10:35 pm
Sorry, I don't know which type of rose is this but I would like to say only one thing that it is awesome. Beth

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