White simplicity Rose

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White simplicity Rose

21 Jan '09 12:41 am
Hello I'm new here, I think this is my first post (but i've been reading for a while).
At a recent stocktake sale I purchased a rose called "simplicity white" which I believe is a hedging rose in the same calibur as "carpet roses" (read as...looked down upon).
It was the healthiest rose there and has very beautiful semi double blossoms- unfortunatly I cannot find much information about it regarding care and history.
Has anyone grown this rose?
I have some very close up pictures- i will take some of the whole bush in the morning.
Thanks for any tips :)


p.s. Don't you just love the macro setting on the camera!

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21 Jan '09 12:54 pm
Your rose is very similar to the white flower carpet rose which is bred by - Noack? I find these roses really good value - they flower in-between the two main rose-bloom times, they strike easily from cuttings and grow well on their own roots, and are really easy to prune (shears or hedge clippers). Good luck with finding out more about this rose!
Cheers, M
Head Gardener

dorothy parks

white simplicity rose

31 Jan '10 5:37 am
Hi Mats-
I want to let you know that I have four of these roses growing as a hedge. They are twenty years old now. I am in zone 9=not unheard of to get 102 for a week at a stretch. During that time I have watered them with some irregularity, pruned, hacked them back, and they are planted in the worse soil (clay) and they are so happy. I have white roses every Christmas. Some are getting little streaks or spots of pink on the petals but it makes them look more charming to me. Enjoy your roses-may you have twenty wonderful years with them as I have...D

valued helper

1 Feb '10 5:19 am
beautiful but I don't know its name

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