Wedding Day Rose

2 Jan '09 7:23 am
I am getting married in March (Lower Hutt, New Zealand) in our back garden. We have a gorgeous wedding day rose that has just flowered should I dead head it in the hope it will flower again by mid March or just leave it for a display of rose hips?

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Waikato-New Zealand

Wedding Day

3 Jan '09 6:23 pm
What a fabulous idea,but unfortunately,Wedding Day is just a 'oncer'.It needs pruning immediately after flowering-I am not sure that there would be hips in March.
However,you might like to consider the 'Sweetheart' rose-Cecile Brunner,depending on whether you are a 'pink-loving' person.She grows tall very rapidly,and looks lovely on two matching obelisks I bought for my garden..Check your local garden centre-there was a good one at Naenae but I think it has closed down.They are sure to have climbing roses that would be flowering in March.Explain what you want and they could keep a couple aside for you and encourage the flowering.
Here is a picture of my Sweetheart rose on one of the obelisks which is as tall as I am.The buds and flowers are very tiny and make delightful buttonhole arrangements.
Cecile brunner.JPG
Cecile Brunner on obelisk
Cecile brunner2.JPG
the flowers and buds are actually very tiny

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Another idea

6 Jan '09 7:36 am
Something that might look really nice is a set (at least five) of tall standard roses in big pots. The pots could have symbols on them, and the roses could be weeping or at least very generous standards, flower-wise. Creamy white roses - even the humble white flower carpet rose - make great standards and if you choose the ones whose second flowering co-incides...

I do seriously wonder who chose a once-flowering, rather thorny, tetchy, scrambling rose to get the prize name of 'Wedding Day'. I understand the once-flowering-only sentiment, but this rose is pretty unromantic up close! Hee hee...
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Wedding Day Rose

6 Jan '09 7:05 pm
Thanks for the good ideas! Glad I found this out before March came around. Maybe we'll get married in the vege patch instead! What are some fast growing flowers I can plant now, both perrenials and annuals to have a great display by mid March or am I too late? Probably a more general question than rose oriented sorry.

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7 Jan '09 6:38 am
Mitre 10 often have already-planted baskets with petunias and mixed bright colours.Usually about $10 I think.
If you like 'old-fashioned pretty',a friend hired a white trellis archway(but there is other wedding stuff you can hire) and on the day,attached roses and other flowers all over it,and hanging down-they were married in front of it.If you do similar to that,make sure the flowers are kept moist.
What date is the big day,Embene?,and we will be thinking of you.All the best.

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7 Jan '09 6:44 pm
Can't help with rose advice Embene, just wanted to say congratulations and have a wonderful day! And Dixie, gorgeous pics!

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9 Jul '09 10:54 pm
wow they looks awesome. Beth www.florist.co.uk


28 Aug '09 1:52 am
Congrats on your wedding and that's a wonderful idea.

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Re: Wedding Day Rose

6 Jul '10 6:25 pm
This is for you. Congratulation!
wedding rose.jpg
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Amazing, isn't it? A mystique shrouds the rose.
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Re: Wedding Day Rose

13 Aug '13 7:22 pm
:P This post is so great and nice :roll:

I guess you have made a good wedding. As for me I am about to be married soon and I am finding bouquet of roses for my wedding. Do you grow roses? I hope you can help me.


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