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Waikato-New Zealand

through my kitchen window

20 Nov '08 6:39 am
I took these photos yesterday morning-Leander is planted where I can see her all day,but she is especially beautiful early in the morning.
I grow herbs and strawberries there as well.
roses Nov.JPG
Through the kitchen window-oops-the glass is a bit spotty
Rose Nov2.JPG
strawberries on the ledge beside Leander
Rose Nov3.JPG
Rose Nov5.JPG
looking the other way with Penelope

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Taupaki, New Zealand

20 Nov '08 7:05 am
Morning Dixie. Your kitchen view is lovely. Those strawberries look very healthy. And yummy! Leander clearly likes it there - it is smothered in blooms!

Dixie, you grow a wee rose called Sparkler don't you? (Or am I thinking of another poster?). I greatly admire this rose and was wondering is it true white with white buds and does it repeat flower?

Hope you're in for another lovely sunny day down in the Waikato. :)

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Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

beautiful Leander

20 Nov '08 9:08 am
Gosh Leander is a big girl! I don't grow her but I know she is beautiful with apricot and pink flowers all at the same time.

What a lovely outlook from your kitchen Dixie. I guess all windows in your house look out onto something gorgeous. I've tried taking pictures through my windows but the wire screens (bushfire regulation), aren't very conducive to good photographs.

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Leander is a knockout rose!

20 Nov '08 3:59 pm
Incredible colors. What a changling, opening peachy and finishing up almost lavendar. Too bad it has so many petals. I don't think it would open so well here. Tell me it is well scented and I may try to grow it anyway.
Mark in California

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Waikato-New Zealand

Healthy rose

20 Nov '08 7:29 pm
Leander is a real strong healthy rose.It opens out flat,and never balls like Sharif Asma does.It has only a mild perfume.It will grow tall as a climber if you let it-I let one shoot grow up this pruning season.
Kerole-you have an amazing memory for Sparkler.I first saw her at the Dunedin botanic gardens-planted en masse.The blooms are little,in enormous clusters and are a real white buds and blooms.She flowers all summer,with two main flushes, and I am still cutting flowers off when I prune in late July.
I zipped out when the sun went down and have just taken these pics of Sparkler.My main rose garden is triangle shape,with stone path around it.
late afternoon path from the house
Sparkler-Mary Rose in background
a step back from the previous photo with iceberg in the foreground of Sparkler
Sparkler taken looking towards the house with Mary rose in foreground

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Waikato-New Zealand


20 Nov '08 7:34 pm
PS-I forgot to mention that Sparkler is almost thornless

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Gorgeous, Dixie!

20 Nov '08 8:07 pm
How beautiful your roses are, healthy and care-free in the best rose tradition! After days of almost non-stop drizzle, I'm afraid that my roses need some serious dead-heading...

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Taupaki, New Zealand


21 Nov '08 6:28 am
Yep that is exactly how I remember it! Thanks for posting more pics of Sparkler. And thanks for the pics of Sparkler and Iceberg together - this is exactly what I had in mind. I thought the bunches of little white flowers would look good next to the bigger white Icebergs - and judging from your garden, they do look nice together! One more question... is it a tall bush or climber? Or is yours a standard? It looks to have quite a bit of height (also what I'm looking for).


How wonderful!

19 Apr '09 9:42 am
I am new, and hope to post some pictures soon. I adored the pictures of your roses. I have one pink that was supposed to be a mini I have had 10 years and I swear it has turned into a climber. One day I'll post a picture and ask what it is.

I am rose crazy. I love purple but I have a lot of pinks, reds, and now have got a place for yellows. Looking for one that stays bright and doesn't fade out.

Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your garden.


Re: through my kitchen window

10 Dec '12 11:28 pm
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