Iceberg Roses disappoint


Iceberg Roses disappoint

9 Nov '08 8:30 am
I love my Iceberg Roses (Zone 5-6) but they are spindly. The are in a South - East location. I prune them in the Spring; I use fish emulsion and compost to feed them. They bloom but they do not have much foliage. Thank you for any suggestions. :)

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Waikato-New Zealand


10 Nov '08 5:29 am
Welcome,Peggy-It sounds as if you are doing everything right.Is something eating your roses perhaps-for the leaves to fall off ? Are the leaves yellowish ? Or do you have high humidity?.They might need potash to strengthen the branches and stems.

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Taupaki, New Zealand

10 Nov '08 7:11 am
Hi Peggy. I have a dozen or more Icebergs. Most are strong growers but 2 are as you describe - spindly and almost leafless. Each of these ill looking ones are in a bed with several big strong ones. I have tried everything to get them to perform like the others but to no avail. I'm really interested to hear what advice you get!

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