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Yet Another Unknown Rose...

3 Nov '08 8:43 pm
Hi all. This rose is nothing special - I see it growing over fences in our area all the time, but it is very beautiful.

It has very large, loose, floppy flowers to go with its large, floppy, climbing nature. The flowers are pale to mid pink with paler, apricottish-yellow centres. The plant has large dark green leaves, thick long canes, and moderate thorns. It flowers once in mid spring and the flowers have no scent. I have four of these growing along fences - all are on their own roots and I'm pretty sure some have come from cuttings. It is robust, trouble free, and hardy.

Anyone know its name?
stables roses.JPG
Growing along the fence by the stables garden.
stables rose.JPG
stables rose2.JPG

jack two
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The new improved Jack Holloway v.2

Definitely no scent?

9 Nov '08 4:45 am
Hi Kerole!

I keep being stumped by your 'no scent' comment, because all those I suspect it could be are fragrant. Do other people agree with you? Sometimes we are 'deaf' to the scent of a particular rose... Are there others in your immediate area? Do people know their history? I suspect that sometimes a sport is propagated and distributed locally... I'll keep looking!

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unknown rose

10 Nov '08 5:23 am
I thought at first it was Compassion which is popular around here,but that flowers all year.
Ever since we came here to live i have been wondering what the rose is that is growing by our driveway.It has a huge burst of tiny flowers-they are pale pink on the outside and open to white.It only flowers for a couple of weeks.
Last Friday was our town's rose show and I went to see all the gorgeous roses.In my handbag I carried a sample of my unknown rose.Margaret,a NZ and international judge, lives here and I asked her to identify it for me.She grinned and said it was Root Stock !
Never mind-I love it.
Hope someone can ID yours,Kerole,as I am always curious.
Uetersen is under the gingko and the unknown rose is the white one in the centre of photo.
A close up of the root stock rose.

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Taupaki, New Zealand

More of the unknown Stables Rose

10 Nov '08 8:30 am
Hi Jack and Dixie. Jack - I have had several people try their noses on this rose and the verdict is the same. No scent. Just a vague planty smell. I can smell the much smaller Cecile Brunner next to it but sadly the Stables Rose seems to be smell-free.

Dixie - I too have a couple of root stock roses (Rosa multiflora)! Two of them have grown from the base of much fancier hybrid roses. One is now an unmanagable thug throwing long tentacles out of one of the white gardens. I love the tiny flowers that cover every branch but I've decided when it's done flowering, out it comes! I'll take some pics of it later today.

Here are some more photos of the Stables Rose. It does look a bit like Compassion but larger, fuller, and floppier, and as you say Dixie it only flowers once and has no smell. I'm not a fan of 'large and blousey' (or pink for that matter) but every year this rose covers the post and rail fencing with these gorgous blooms. I wouldn't have it any other way!
stables rose3.JPG
This pic is a fairly true colour match.
stables rose4.JPG
stables rose canes.JPG
I cut this back savagely last winter so the flowers are on short new growth straight out of the main woody canes.
stables rose in corner.JPG
The ugly netting is to stop the horses reaching under and laying waste to the lower plants!

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Taupaki, New Zealand

Root Stock Rose!

17 Nov '08 6:57 am
Well, I agree with Dixie... I think the root stock rose is rather nice! But mine has taken over one of the white gardens and it must come out. This is the offender taken late evening. It does look pretty but it is growing at a frightening rate. You can see the grass growing around its base - I have been waiting 'til it's gone to get in there and tidy up. I think this rose (Rosa multiflora) is a dreaded pest in parts of the US. My multifloras don't have thorns but the US ones have hideous back-slanting needle-like things all over it.

Dixie, does your root stock rose have thorns?
white garden.JPG
There are other white roses in here but the species rose Rosa multiflora has over run them (and everything else!).
Rosa multiflora.JPG
Very sweet tiny flowers.

Auckland - NZ


22 Apr '09 12:59 pm
That's 'Souvenir de Mme Leonie Viennot".


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Taupaki, New Zealand


23 Apr '09 8:11 am
Hi Rosarosam (Jocelen?).

After all this time! I did a quick google image search and the pictures of Souvenir de la Mme. Leonie Viennot from around the world certainly look just like mine :D

Thank you so much for taking the time to put me out of my misery. I love this old rose - and now she has a name!

If you are up for another challenge - there is another unknown rose of mine on the rose section of this forum too. It is an almost white standard. Please, please take a look and see what you think.

And thanks again!

head gardener
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Rose Names

23 Apr '09 9:21 am
Kerole, I've got this rose, Madame Leonie, and I intend that she sprawls over and along an old sheep fence too. Hope her sensibilities aren't affected in any way. She's a nicely floppy rose, without too much flop.

Google images are pretty good for rose comparisons, though (oops) sometimes the putters-uppers think they know what a rose should be and give incorrect names. Like me with my Non-Handel rose. I was so cross with him - for once, just for once, I'd left the label on so I'd get the rose name right. And it turns out wrong!

Happy autumn gardening.
Head Gardener

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Taupaki, New Zealand

23 Apr '09 10:59 am
And to think I began this post with "This rose is nothing special..." :!: How could I? She is Madam Leonie and as I've said before, yu777777777777777 she is much loved (excuse that outburst - it was an unscheduled interruption from my cat taking a shortcut across the keyboard).

Good luck with your Madam Leonie Moosey. I have three in total, and barring some strong twine to keep them in place and a hack back in winter, my Leonies never really cause me any grief.

I'm so pleased to finally have a name for them. :D

valued helper

26 Jan '10 11:40 pm
Your roses are beautiful!


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