Healthy growth?


Healthy growth?

31 Jul '08 7:05 am
Hi, I recently planted Bridge of Sighs, supposedly a fragrant and strong climber. It has had some deer damage (they like the soft growing tips) and now it's growing voraciously but all the shoots look like suckers. They have lots of thorns, no buds and have 7 leaves per stem instead of the 5 that I expected. These aren't coming up from the root but from where you would expect proper growth to shoot. Can this be because of having been "pruned" by the deer, or is it normal for Bridge of Sighs? What to do? Help please!

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31 Jul '08 9:53 am
Eek. I'm not sure - are these what are called 'water shoots'? I'm so sorry, but I don't fully understand rose climbers. I can't see how 'deer pruning' could change much, though. After all, roses can be pruned at any time of year, for various reasons, and they shouldn't do anything drastic as a result! Good luck, and hopefully someone will know.
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31 Jul '08 10:07 am
I'm definately not a rose expert but sometimes crazy foliage growth happens after they've had fertilser. Have you fed it recently?

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Bridge of Sighs

3 Aug '08 2:17 pm
Hi Lesleyrose,

I too have a Bridge of Sighs that I just planted a little over a year ago. Mine is growing on it's own roots and has not proved to be all that vigorous for me. It did bloom nicely early this spring, but the blossoms were a lot smaller than I had expected. After those blooms faded all the canes defoliated from black spot. They started to put out new growth, but then all the original canes died completely. It is beginning to throw up healthy looking new canes now, but not anything like you described. I have had another rose that put on very thorny canes at one time. I think it was due to stress from disease since all those canes later died. It may be that the rose was responding to the stress of being nipped by the deer the same way my rose responded to the stress of disease. It will be interesting to see if these very thorny canes live. I hope you will keep us posted.
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22 Aug '08 7:29 pm
I too have a Bridge of Sighs that I just planted a little over a year ago. :roll:

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own root roses

4 Sep '08 11:59 am
Sometimes the own-root roses aren't as vigorous as they need to be. I've read, though, that for windy gardens they are good value - the bush will stay in proportion and be sturdier weather-wise. I'd love to see a pic of this Bridge of Sighs rose. And I wonder where the bridge is? Cheers.
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