Help in identifying this climber please!

6 Jul '08 5:34 am
I've seen a wonderful climber, unfortunately the owner of the garden has no idea, and indeed no interest, in what it is! It's grown very, very tall, maybe 15-20m (50 feet) through some trees. It's basically white, but the underneath of the rose bowl is pink...fairly small flowers, but not in big clusters, very vigorous and very free flowering. Looks stunning from below. If anyone knows what it is, I would be very grateful.
Jane, Cambridge, UK

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6 Jul '08 8:10 pm
Jane, is there any way you could get a photograph and post it?

Also, if it looks like a rambler and therefore would probably be once flowering? or is it repeating?
Have a look at the rose called (I think) the Apple Blossom rose in a google search. It's a long shot, but hey!

And best of luck - if you can put up a picture there's bound to be someone with a better idea!
Cheers, M
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Help in identifying this climber please!

6 Jul '08 10:14 pm
Thank you HG for your very swift reply. I don't think its Apple Blossom, though I would agree its a rambler. Inside the "bowl" (I'm sure there a proper horticultural word for it) its white...the pink is only underneath! I shall try and take a photo. Problem is of course, the height of the rose and the total disinterest of the neighbour in helping me track this down......when the rain stops (oh to be in England now that summer's here...) will go and climb up a ladder.


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3 Jul '09 10:37 pm
Didn't find the photograph of the climber. Expecting it in your upcoming post. Beth www.iflorist.co.uk

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