World Peace Rose Bed

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World Peace Rose Bed

24 May '04 9:40 am
Here are some photos taken from the two small rose gardens in the St Giles Churchyard in Camberwell, South London.

These gardens are four years old are are reasonably well tended though they could do with a bit more weeding and a bit less littering :(

An oxidised plaque names the gardens the 'World Peace Rose Beds' . They were planted in 2000 by the Southwark Council. Good to know where bex and my council tax goes :)

The rose gardens are in two circular plantings about 10 metres in diameter and are raised up off the surrounding churchyard by small circular brick walls.

I am my mothers son and thus the two varieties of fragrant yellow roses are destined to remain unnamed. Sounds like a job for a website manager ;)

on with the yellow rose pictures :

Webmaster & Eldest Son
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