favourite climbing rose?

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24 Mar '04 9:23 am
:D What is your favourite climber Moosey. :?: I have heaps and I love the single ones such as Wedding day.But I have a gorgeous one called Claire Jacquier that has wee yellow/lemon flowers and flowers early and only once.My daughters name is Claire and I have as many rose with the name Claire in them and there are quite a few :)
Claire Rose(a David Austin)
John Clare(named after the poet and lso a David Austin)
Clair Matin(another lovely climber)
And of course Claire Jacquier.
Chooky :)

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2 Apr '04 12:55 pm
Chooky, I've know I've got the Clair Matin and John Clare roses you mentioned.
I reckon my most favourite climbing rose over the whole year would be the apricotty Crepuscules that go over the pergola. They seem really good in all seasons. Brilliant coloured foliage, no need to deadhead, etc.
I banished my Wedding Day rose to a very unfavourable spot and issued it the challenge to climb a rather old cabbage tree if it wanted to get any sun. So far - so good! Seemed unfair at the time, but roses are survivors!

Well, today the weather is gently gusty and warm, the day is stretching out long and free, and I am grinning - I LOVE being a semi-retired gardener!
See you, happy gardening
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6 Apr '04 8:28 am
:D Hi Moosey and other rose lovers.
I have this climber called 'Mermaid'that has to have the most evil thorns imaginable :twisted:
I have it growing into a tree that is also near our meter box so I am always cutting stray branches off it so that the meter man can get past without getting entangled. :twisted:
Other climbers I have are Westfalenpark,Compassion,Casino,Birthday Present,Veilchenbleu.
Banksia Lutea is a good rose to grow into trees(I have 2 of them)lovely flowers and no thorns
happy gardening-(it's getting colder by the day now)

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