single v tea roses

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Camberwell, London

single v tea roses

22 May '04 11:12 am
Until I started to manage this site and therefore become fully aware of the extent of Moosey's rose collection (!), I had no idea there are so many types of roses out there.

On return to mum's garden this weekend, I noticed that she prefers 'flat' [single] roses to 'floozy' [tea] mutli-layered roses, which look like they are wearing lots of skirts. Single roses are winning over the floozy tea roses by 3-1 at the moment.

What's the general feeling out there about flat v floozy - aka single v tea roses? Does anyone else have a liking for one over the other?

Mum buys all of her roses from the local nursery which claims is the oldest nursery in England, since 1765.

Here are some pictures taken of mum's single-centric roses...

[PS this article has been edited after the original posting to include 'proper' rose names, to detract from my lack of gardening knowledge ever so slightly...]
I always called this rose the 'fried egg' rose. Seems to flower all summer!
The rugosa in temporary state of unflatness.
A long suffering rose - planted by the car-park, despite its bright colour, people can't seem to avoid driving into it...
A cute little thing, just like its name. Lots of small flowers and leaves.
This is the only floozy [tea] rose on the farm, but I didn't get the name. Sorry!
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

22 May '04 6:28 pm
Personally I prefer the 'floozy' ones and the singles over the tea roses.

Old roses are especially beautiful :D

Rugosas have a perfect simplicity about them that is hard to beat.....the white ones against the seeemingly always healthy green foliage makes them my all time favourites.

More pics Bx! ..... can never have too many :D

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