Chili plants being infected with caterpillars

31 Dec '16 4:43 am
Hello everyone my name is Gustavo Woltmann and I am working as an assistant in a small publishers office. I am asking for your suggestions on how to solve my problem with caterpillars infecting our chili plants. I love butterflies and I dont want to kill these caterpillars, how do I get rid of them safely?

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Re: Chili plants being infected with caterpillars

19 Dec '18 7:22 pm
A variety of insect larval pests, You can spray over your chili plants.


Re: Chili plants being infected with caterpillars

10 May '19 6:11 pm
We give so many efforts to make our garden look beautiful and it might get wasted if all the pests attack on it. Pests can damage our beautiful garden so it is very important to have a pest control in your garden. Some pests are good for your garden, but some are way too destructible. There are various types of pest control methods, but it is important to choose the method which is environmentally friendly and which will not damage our garden. This type of pest control method is provided by CT Pest Exterminators who will do pest management, pest control and pest prevention.

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