My garden in Spring

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South West Victorias ,Australia

My garden in Spring

15 Sep '15 1:40 pm
As a newbie I thought I might introduce my garden. It is on rich volcanic soil ,I use a bore that is fresh enough to drink at onlyy 22 feet deep it never runs dry in the longest drought I am told by long time neighbours. Slightly acid soil which suits my choices for trees and shrubs - mostly. I have two 80 year old oak trees that give me mulch for azaleas and Rhodos, blueberries, currants and gooseberries etc - all the acid loving plants.ImageThis one of my many clematis.
Image A rare goji berry growing on one of 7 reo arches I have around the garden. The arches support my roses,clematis,beans,grapes and few espaliered currants so far.
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A Gardener of Disrepair
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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: My garden in Spring

17 Sep '15 7:40 am
Welcome Chookie!
It's lovely to have you here. Your spring garden is looking fab. You are a couple weeks ahead of us in AKL, NZ. My irises are yet to come out.

You have a lovely rural outlook. I look forward to seeing more of your garden, especially your roses on those arches. I bet they look amazing mixed with clematis.

head gardener
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Re: My garden in Spring

26 Sep '15 12:57 pm
Aha! I spy with my little eye - a black and white magpie? Welcome, and lovely to see your photographs. No Clematis here just yet, but almost bud-bursting. Isn't spring wonderful? Cheers, M
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Canberra, Australia

Re: My garden in Spring

29 Sep '15 3:04 pm
Hello Chookie, great to see your garden. I love clematis, though I haven't tried growing one yet.

valued helper

Re: My garden in Spring

19 Dec '18 7:25 pm
Hi Chookie, So lovely garden you have. You maintained so well.

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