My garden in Spring

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South West Victorias ,Australia

My garden in Spring

15 Sep '15 1:40 pm
As a newbie I thought I might introduce my garden. It is on rich volcanic soil ,I use a bore that is fresh enough to drink at onlyy 22 feet deep it never runs dry in the longest drought I am told by long time neighbours. Slightly acid soil which suits my choices for trees and shrubs - mostly. I have two 80 year old oak trees that give me mulch for azaleas and Rhodos, blueberries, currants and gooseberries etc - all the acid loving plants.ImageThis one of my many clematis.
Image A rare goji berry growing on one of 7 reo arches I have around the garden. The arches support my roses,clematis,beans,grapes and few espaliered currants so far.
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A Gardener of Disrepair
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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: My garden in Spring

17 Sep '15 7:40 am
Welcome Chookie!
It's lovely to have you here. Your spring garden is looking fab. You are a couple weeks ahead of us in AKL, NZ. My irises are yet to come out.

You have a lovely rural outlook. I look forward to seeing more of your garden, especially your roses on those arches. I bet they look amazing mixed with clematis.

head gardener
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Re: My garden in Spring

26 Sep '15 12:57 pm
Aha! I spy with my little eye - a black and white magpie? Welcome, and lovely to see your photographs. No Clematis here just yet, but almost bud-bursting. Isn't spring wonderful? Cheers, M
Head Gardener

Canberra, Australia

Re: My garden in Spring

29 Sep '15 3:04 pm
Hello Chookie, great to see your garden. I love clematis, though I haven't tried growing one yet.


Re: My garden in Spring

21 Mar '18 7:45 pm
Gardening in spring is a universal pastime, though the season comes at different times, depending on which part of the country you are in. In general terms, the further north you live the longer you will have to wait for the signs of early spring and those warm temperate days of milder weather that herald the approach of a new part of the year. While we're still not quite there, this is a great time to do some preparation in order to be fully ready when the time comes.


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