Re: Early Spring Tasks

1 Jun '14 11:32 pm
If you're like Maine, you are doing a good deal of fresh up within the fall in anticipation of all early-spring-garden-after-clean upthe work ahead within the spring (okay...the truth is I actually have a good agriculture team). however if you're like several home gardeners (without agriculture machines like my husband and TGC crew to help) your energy gets entertained to different things within the fall and therefore the close up is left to spring.
I like crisp lines within the garden, however i do not like artificial or maybe stone border in my beds. By victimisation Associate in Nursing border tool to chop the grase edge every spring you retain the garden and field showing neatness in their place. this can be a task which will be done later within the season (summer or fall), however it ought to be done once a year to avoid the creap of turf grasses in to the garden zone.
The spring is that the right time to prune some shrubs and therefore the wrong time to prune others. First, look around your garden to check if there's any harm from the winter. Any broken, bent, twisted or otherwise undermined branching ought to be cropped currently in spite of the plant sort.
The a lot of work you'll place into the spring agriculture the higher your garden can perform within the summer and fall.

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Re: Early Spring Tasks

2 Jun '14 8:39 am
[-X [-X [-X Maine? What on earth is a 'victimisation Associate in Nursing border tool'? I think I want one. Cheers, M

PS [-X [-X [-X [-X [-X
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It's Cold!

19 Jun '14 3:15 am
Hey, "Maine" person, don't bump up my thread about spring at the beginning of winter! :evil:


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