Final Garden Tour of 2012

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Final Garden Tour of 2012

30 Nov '12 2:21 am
hoped y'all enjoyed this years videos coming back stronger next year

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Taupaki, New Zealand

Re: Final Garden Tour of 2012

1 Dec '12 7:29 am

I have really enjoyed being taken around your vege patch.The video diary thing has given your posts a very personal edge - very cool.

Do you do ornamental gardening too?

Canberra, Australia

Re: Final Garden Tour of 2012

4 Dec '12 2:27 am
Oh, I'll have to keep an eye out for your videos next year!
Good tip about the woodchip mulch and nitrogen. One thing about grass clippings, if the lawn gets sprayed with anything there could be residues in it.

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Re: Final Garden Tour of 2012

28 Jun '13 7:57 pm
I have seen a video which you shared with us so I would like to thank for this video about the wood chip mulch and nitrogen. I have to say that this will very helpful tips for those people who want to create a new garden.



24 Jul '13 3:43 pm
Hi friends,

I am Dustin Scott and I am new to this forum.


Re: Final Garden Tour of 2012

24 Jul '13 10:24 pm
This garden tour video is such a great and informative to know about wood chip mulch and nitrogen which is useful to plants. Proper combination of nitrogen and wood chip mulch help to grow up plants.

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