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Re: Pumpkin Udate

7 Feb '14 10:34 pm
Keep the seeds from a Variety you like and plant! Simple as that! Lord knows , if ever I forget and toss them into the compost heap, up they come, sure as can be. The same thing will happen with cucumbers and melons.
They prefer to be on a slight mound, I believe, and keep the well manured and fed soil covered with a good mulch. Dry pea stalks or Hay or any good dried grasses. Grass mowings should be composted before using as mulch.
One of the best liquid fertilisers is Chicken manure. Loosely fill a cloth bag about and tie it at the top with a long cord which hangs outside the plastic garbage(trash) bincan, fill up with water and use the cord to slosh the bag up and down, like a giant teabag! You can gild the lily by growing comfrey and anytime it needs cutting back, (and it will!) put the clipped leaves in another bag and put it in as well. When the very smelly liquid is the color of strong tea - dilute it to the shade of very weak tea to pour on the plants. I am not sure if you are supposed to keep it off the flowers or they might not produce fruit. I may be wrong about that??


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