Container Grown Tobacco

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Container Grown Tobacco

3 Feb '11 12:17 am
Here's the lastest from my tiny indoor garden! Nicotiana rustica. Since I was limited in space, I really had to find a method of sizing down this rather large crop. My goal was to grow the tobacco in a one gallon container and collect enough leaves to be able to make several batches of foliar pesticide spray. I succeeded, yay! Although the tobacco plants are nothing near the size of their outdoor counterparts, they can still produce a good sized yield. The great thing about the leaves of N. rustica is that they can be stored until you need to treat pests in the outdoor garden. The leaves are soaked in water for a couple of days and then used as an organic foliar spray to treat against a variety of insects that inhabit foilage. Safe for your plants and safe for you! Let me know what you guys and gals think.

Here is a link to photo and grow specs: N. Rustica Container Tobacco Grow

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Re: Container Grown Tobacco

3 Feb '11 7:15 am
OK Thanks for the link. I guess I'd rather grow edibles and flowers in my containers, but thanks anyway! Sounds good for pest control. M
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Re: Container Grown Tobacco

26 Jun '13 9:11 pm
First of all thanks for the link, but i have to say that Tobacco plants develop tall on short origins. Different types will develop to different levels depending upon care and ground conditions. Most tobacco vegetation develop between two and six feet in height.

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