19 Aug '04 9:23 pm
:lol: l have a 7 year old 11 foot cordyline which is too tall for my garden where it is, it has 4 shoots around it and l wondered if we could take down the big cordyline if so when is the best time of year and how.also could l dig up one of the shoots to plant in a container or a more suitable part of the garden and what is the best way to dig up the shoot? l would be very gratefull of any advice.

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27 Aug '04 8:31 am
From my rough and ready experience with Cordylines, I'd think about the following:

1. If you're a semi-patient gardener you could saw the old trunk off completely near the base, maybe disguise the stump with a pot if it's too ugly, and wait for the side shoots to hopefully grow. I've done this successfully with a 5 foot one - the new growing shoots seemed to come away in no time.
2. I'd say that slicing the side shoots off with a sharp kitchen (oops!) knife and potting up could also work. Maybe this shouldn't be done mid-summer.

But I am absolutely no expert! Anyway, this is something to think about. Cheers, and good luck!
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