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Why resize them?

21 Dec '08 12:21 am
I really like the way your photos open up to fill the whole screen. Mine still don't do that and I'm not sure how to make them do so. Maybe the resizing is to make them faster for loading?
Mark in California

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22 Dec '08 4:27 pm
Hi, MacFlax -

Well, I'm now relaxed enough from my problems with the cold that I'm going through some of the other threads once again, and I really like your pictures of the birds! I didn't know there were crested doves, so I learned something today!

Now I'm going tho look at some of the other threads!



Canberra, Australia

22 Dec '08 5:02 pm
I'm really enjoying my bird hide, also known as my living room. :)

May I ask if someone reduced my first pepper tree photo?

Canberra, Australia

9 Mar '09 11:29 pm
Oh dear, is it that long since I've done an update? There has been some progress in the garden, mostly by Mr Mac though. The street side is the lowest point of the block so everything we have delivered, soil, mulch, pavers, has to come uphill. It's keeping Mr Mac fit! I've been taking a few pics so I hope in due course I'll have a series showing the progress of our current projects.

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Taupaki, New Zealand


10 Mar '09 6:50 am
Can't wait for the photo tour! Mr and Mrs Mac have been busy beavers. :D

Canberra, Australia


10 Mar '09 12:43 pm
I know I saw Mr Mac with a spirit level yesterday . . .

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Taupaki, New Zealand

The lefthand edge needs to go down a smidgeon...

11 Mar '09 7:10 am
Hmm... Is it just me, or is that first paving slab not quite dead flat? :wink: You're right about the need for the spirit level :!:

I love the rough beginnings of an outdoor project. The mess and upheaval. Stuff everywhere. Bare bones laid open. It spells progress!

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queensland australia


11 Mar '09 1:08 pm
ah macflax , at least you are getting something there that we can see, so dont worry about wee troubles , your honey eater looks like a female banana bird [same as honey eater and your top knot we say dove up here in the wet cyclone at the moment awful place, did you know the pepperina tree is planted up here to try and stop the flies especially around the farms, by the look of your pics there are not any politicians around thats why its lovely good luck

Faith S
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Such beautiful birds!

21 Mar '09 12:06 pm
I really enjoyed all your bird photos MacFlax. You have some that I have never seen before. I am really curious about the garden project you have hinted about. Mention of stone always peaks my interest. I hope you will have some photos to share soon.
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24 Mar '09 9:54 pm
Mr Mac had laid the paver and it wasn't quite right so he picked it up again and wanted to put it aside somewhere where it would be easy to pick up... more sand has now been delivered and the work continues intermittently...

I took this photo of our view across to the mountains a few days ago.



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