Early summer on the farm

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Camberwell, London

Early summer on the farm

23 May '04 1:39 am
The recent rain & sun combo has brought on growth spurts all over the farm - not only in the crops!

The hedge around the field boundaries highlight the new growth the most: their eclectic combination of plants growing in all different directions and paces, and the ditches below are full to the brim with wild flowers (and weeds, of course!).

This same hedge has been around even before Gran & Grandad moved here 60 years ago. Grandad used to keep it only two feet high, which seems a waste of a lovely hedge. Also the times have changed, and there is a lot more traffic on the road just beyond the hedge now.

I like this full scruffiness around the farm, but it won’t last long as the whole place gets a make-over before the customers arrive in the first weeks of June. Enjoy it while it lasts!
These climbing plants create lovely colour over the farm shop.
Hawthorn blossom, horse chestnut leaves and a bramble clawing its way through.
This hedge has survived years of cutting back; mum even subjected it to her newly-learnt hedge-laying skills once.
Daisies are some of the wild flowers (and weeds!) filling the ditches.
This unfurling fern reminds me of tramping in NZ.
Even the woodpile has started to grow again! Apparently this is normal behaviour for willow.
This delicate flower fills the farm with a distinctive summer smell.

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