My first rose!

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

My first rose!

4 Apr '04 7:39 am
I love roses and this is the first one I have planted at the paddock :D
It is in its' second year and all these flowers are on one stalk! It has never had any extra water or food since it was 'heeled' into the vege garden.
Maybe they do thrive on neglect as some ppl say :mrgreen:

Thats my arm lower left, holding it steady in the wind :D
Sally Holmes

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5 Apr '04 8:14 am
What a great picture of a great rose! My very very first rose purchase was Othello - I was younger and really into Shakespeare, and Othello was my favourite play. The rose was planted into a hole in clay soil, and survived. He/she was the first rose dug out and put into a pot when I sold that house and garden and moved into the country.
Who else remembers their first rose?
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Click on the image to ENLARGE

9 Apr '04 9:26 pm
If you click on the thumbnail of Pumpkins rose another window will open showing the full size photo.

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compost executive
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

13 Apr '04 7:18 am
:shock: so it does :D

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