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27 Jul '06 12:40 am
Hello Everybody,

Am from India. Organic farming and gardening may be the latest buzz worldwide but it has been the way of life here. Natural and organic products have always been preferred over chemical things. Am into flower business and joined in the rising field of online flower delivery service.

I have my share of gardeners who bring me the most beautiful flowers. What I want to know is can I promote a flower bouquet delivery service that is purely organic, meaning the flowers are grown in completely organic method.I really have no idea what are market prospects for these. One more thing, chemical products are often used to linger the fresh look of flowers. If I go organic way, are there chances that the flowers will loose their charm faster. Because in this business time factor matters as there is a time gap between making a bouquet and delivering it to a destination.

Suggestions required


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organic flower business

27 Jul '06 9:16 am
Great idea, it will be a challenge but should be worth the effort.I dont know what the reaction will be in India but here in NZ people are certainly starting to get a lot more into organic products.
To prolong the life of your flowers you can use nutritive solutions rather than just water. These solutions are made up of sugar and biocides (disinfectants).Do you have a coolstore? Your flowers will last a lot longer if you do. As different types of flowers need different treatments I suggest a trip to the library for some Commercial flower growing study.
Hope this helps

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28 Jul '06 3:56 am
Welcome Cybrain,
I'm Norvona from the US, state of Oklahoma. Wish I could offer you some solid advise about organic flowers, but I only know a little about organic gardening, and nothing about doing it on a commercial basis. Goose's suggestion about checking out your local library is a good idea, or maybe you could find something on the internet. This is one link I found that sounds helpful. ... icFood.htm

Although it says ‘organic food’ there is a section on flowers, and you might be able to find the book at your library or order it on line if it sounds helpful.

Here’s another link that might have some good information. ... owers.html

Good luck with your enterprise and keep us posted.
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10 Dec '06 6:59 am
The flower business relies so much on distribution. I hate to think of flowers being wasted because they didn't reach their destination on time.
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