New organic gardening forum

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Camberwell, London

New organic gardening forum

29 Nov '05 11:21 am
Hello all, and welcome to the new organic gardening forum. I hope this will prove a useful space for everyone to share their knowledge and experience of organic gardening.

I've moved all the older posts which are relevant to this section.

Happy, nature-friendly gardening!
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Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

9 Dec '05 3:38 pm
my goodness ... that is unbelieveable!
btw Bex thankyou for starting this forum. I hope it will be used to full advantage

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Cristina Diaz
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Going organic

12 Dec '05 3:23 am

Thanks Bex for setting up the forum. Going organic is a very healthy option, almost everything I buy nowadays is organic. I have even started to use organic deodorant, which is much less harmful than non organic ones...

I've started a little veg garden by planting two small organic potatoes in two pots. I haven't got a garden space as such, just two different balconies, so I garden in pots. I planted a potatoe twice this year and twice I got a few potatoes, grown completely naturally, without pesticides. Now I'm planting organic ones, waiting to taste them already... Smile

Potatoes grow so quickly that it is a very nice veg to start an organic garden. They only need quite a lot of water, and rarely will they have white flies, but any other than don't require much special care.

I just planted them yesterday, so I'm not expecting potatoes until in a couple of months time. The weather? Doesn't matter much, never mattered to my potatoes there.


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compost executive
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

21 Dec '05 6:34 am
Well Done Bex! :D

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