Organic Gardening

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Camberwell, London

Organic Gardening

28 Oct '05 7:46 pm
Garden Organic is the UK charity promoting organic gardening (formerly HDRA). The charity has launched the campaign Get Set Grow! to encourage people to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers organically. They have launched a website with lots of useful information, and are giving away starter packs to help you start gardening without chemicals.

More info available here:

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Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

30 Oct '05 11:39 pm
Thanks for this site Bex,
I thought "Oh I'll check it out but I bet they won't send a starter pack to Aus" ...
...well I was wrong!
and while we're on the subject, do we have a thread on Moosey's for people interested in organic practices? and if we don't, do you think there would be any interest?
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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

4 Nov '05 9:04 pm
What a great idea catsmum 8)

I'm sure there are a lot of people who would be interested in an organic forum, I know I would.

Maybe someone could tell us a bit on the elusive topic of companion planting :oops: ... and snails! how do other gardeners keep the pesky slimey things away without using baits :( it possible?

Did they really send you a starter kit? :shock: how fabulous! :D

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Camberwell, London

Organic Gardening forum section

6 Nov '05 12:26 am
Hi Catsmum -

Good to hear they post overseas :D

Great idea to start an organic gardening section in the forum. Many people try to include more organic practices in their gardening, so it would be good to have a forum to share experiences and tips.

I'll get the webmaster onto it!

Cristina Diaz
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20 Nov '05 6:42 am

I'd definitely be interested in an organic forum. I've recently switched to buy organic as much as I can and I've grown a few potatoes very easily on my balcony, so I think I'm starting to grow organic in my small flat...

And organic is so tasty. Have you guys done that Jamie Oliver thing witht the carrots and the thyme? I've done with organic carrots and fresh thyme and virgin olive oil, and it was absolutely delicious...

Have a good time!


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East Dulwich, London

Organic Garden forum

23 Nov '05 9:42 am
I'll create an organic garden forum this weekend. I need an organic gardening related photo for the forum front page - If anyone has a photogenic compost heap please post a photo!

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Mooseys Country Garden

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Dairy Flat, New Zealand

28 Nov '05 6:23 am
Wouldn't you know it....just used up all the compost on the garden 8)

Can't wait to see the new forum! Just in time for the Summer veg garden :D

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Re: Organic Gardening

23 Oct '10 8:55 pm
Thanks for this useful link.
Organic gardening means not using synthetic products, pesticides and fertilizers. Organic gardening is a way of growing plants by first making the garden soil healthy, and then keeping both it and the plants healthy without the use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides.

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United states

Re: Organic Gardening

4 May '13 11:12 pm
In simple terms, organic gardening is gardening without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. I think Natural gardeners concentrate their energy into improving the natural health of their soil, selecting appropriate plant varieties, and working with nature to produce a healthy and effective garden.

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