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Home-made compost and Roses' diseases.

6 Aug '05 2:47 am
It is my third year of making precious home-made compost. But I never add Roses-prunings to it, because I read somewhere, that the compost could be badly infected by all sort of Roses's diseases.

What do you think : according to your compost experience, is this true?

Liza from Belgium

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18 Aug '05 8:29 am
I'd very much agree, Lisa - I know that rose fungal diseases have fun 'wintering over' in my garden, and I think that they'd do just that in the compost!

Hardest thing I reckon is to not put any bits of invasive root weeds in. The way I make compost is seriously flawed anyway, relying on years of slow, natural breakdown rather than doing things properly, so that e.g. the weed seeds are killed!

Actually I am very embarrassed even to be talking about compost - there are so many experts out there! Eek!
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