Getting a new Composter - Where to get started?

15 Feb '17 8:49 pm
Hi Everyone.

We, me and my husband, recently finished our new house and now it's time to take care about the garden. First off we are pretty new to that, so please bear that in mind. Our property is about 100 sqm. We just want to plant some basic veggies and fruits organically.

I also want to get a composter. I was searching online for cheap ones for sale on some trusted shopping sites like I found a couple of fancy so called Tumbler Composters. I've never seen them before. So what are the benefits to these ones? Can anybody explain that to me? Or should I just get an ordinary Stack or Pyramid Composter?
Which one should I buy? As I said before, one can get some cheap ones starting at about $80 up to $300. So what is the difference.

So any feedback is highly appreciated.

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