2013 in the garden


2013 in the garden

14 Jan '13 5:42 am
New Year’s Eve. A defining moment, the joys and traumas of Christmas behind us and the blank page of 2013 stretching ahead like a freshly hovered carpet. The question is whether, for us gardeners, that carpet will be lush shag pile or meagerly tufted economy blend.
Last year was not a good year as there was too much rain and general bleariness for anything much to thrive. Vegetables drowned and fruit never really came to much, roses were battered by showers and meadows were flattened. Thank goodness or the Olympics with all that stirring sportiness to occupy our minds - and also for the tantalizing glimpses of the Olympic plantings of James Hitchmough, Nigel Dennett and Sarah Price. Perhaps they will all be given baronetcies in tomorrow’s New Year’s Honors list.
This year will, we hope, be different and the sun will shine on all our endeavors. I am not really a fan of New Year Resolutions as I feel one is just setting oneself up for disappointment but, in the interests of fearlessly honest journalism, here are three:
I want to grow marigolds. I know they seem frightfully old fashioned and not at all sexy but I think it is time for a revival. In particular a tall (about 1.5m high) variety called a Targets ‘Cinnabar’, which is dark red.
I must go and visit more gardens. There are so many wonderful places in this country and I have visited shamefully few of them. Likewise I need to go to more small nurseries. The horticultural industry in this county is struggling and we all need to support our local suppliers. We also need to encourage young people to go into gardening: it is a fabulous profession. Perhaps not the highest paid, but undoubtedly one of the most satisfying. We have a grand tradition of great gardening in this country and this is something worth protecting.
I would like to learn how to weld. This is not really very gardenias but all the same I think it would be fun. All those sparks and Robocop masks.
I am sure you have your own resolutions - good luck to you all and Happy New Year.

Canberra, Australia

Re: 2013 in the garden

16 Jan '13 12:01 am
Puzzling over why these thoughts were considered specific to the Organic Gardening forum I perused them closer and realised that your style is very reminiscent of this chap.
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