Will neem oil kill Beneficial Nematodes

28 Oct '10 2:07 am
Our squash have been overrun with Cucumber Beetles and now were are even seeing a lot of Squash Bugs.
Yesterday evening and this morning we drenched the plants and their mounds with Neem & Soap solution.
Today we were lucky enough to find Beneficial Nematodes at a local garden center, we were getting ready to hit the vegetable patch with it this evening when the question hit us... "will the neem kill the nematodes?"
I called the company, but it's a holiday weekend and nobody that could answer the question was in the office, just some poor receptionist who, sweet as could be, did not know.

Will Neem kill our nematodes? Can we apply it now or do we need to wait?


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Re: Will neem oil kill Beneficial Nematodes

28 Oct '10 7:32 am
Sorry but this post first popped up another year, another forum, another name. I've left it for interest only. Cheers, M
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