About Organic Drinks and Pet Food!

18 Nov '07 3:05 am
I am finding myself much more comfortable after switching to an organic diet but I would like to get to know of some good organic drinks and their recipes so that I have a choice of some liquid supplement. I have a few pets at home and am seriously thinking about them too to switch them over to organic food. Thanks for your ideas!

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18 Nov '07 8:06 am
Do you have any dogs? I know there are good recipes for baked dog biscuits around, and the ingredients could easily be 'organicized'. I wonder and worry about the additives in pet diets, too, and use fresh organic e.g. meat for the cats and organic layer pellets for e.g. the chooks. Cheers, and hopefully someone will have some recipes.
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27 Feb '09 8:43 pm
I agree I am way more comfortable, energized, and overall healthier when I eat and drink organic things. Green tea is a favorite of mine, I love that stuff!

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