Worm Bin Composting

17 Jan '07 10:34 am
Hi! I'm new here and I'm looking to share my passion, which has to do with anything organic but more specifically WORMS. I have be composting with worms for about 10 years and there is so much to share. If you compost and understand the value of compost not only to use in the garden but as the better way to handle your organic waste, then you should be worm bin composting. If you've never heard of it, there's no time like the present.


Let's talk worms!


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18 Jan '07 12:38 am
Welcome on board, Wormnwomn! Love your member-name :!:

Friends of mine, nursery owners nearby, have recently discovered and started producing what they call vermiculture - we were going to discuss it in the summer hols, but these have come and gone...

Do tell us more, and I will soon be able to tell you if you are speaking one and the same language!

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18 Jan '07 5:07 am
Hi Wormnwomn, welcome to the Forum. I too am a totally committed Organics person; however, I have never tried vermiculture. I have read about it and seen it described on TV. I have just the old traditional compost bins as well as a large supply of composted horse manure. There are lots of worms in both, but not the red wigglers that I understand are preferred for vermiculture. Would you share a little more info about how the worm castings compare to traditional compost. Rates of usage, etc.?
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18 Feb '07 11:38 pm
Hi Wormnwomn, Welcome!!! I am also new. I have been looking at worm composting bins. I can not wait to get started.


27 Feb '09 8:46 pm
Eww that picture you have of all those worms really gross me out! Haha, I love it

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27 Apr '09 8:26 am
Hi! I'm gonna be worm composting for the first time ever this year. I have a friend Chris, her twitter tag is @Suburban_Farmer, who is so into vermicomposting, she has named her worms: Fred 1 - 10,000 and even started a Facebook Fan Page for Fred No. 422! She is a hoot and would be a great addition to this discussion.

http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?re ... 451&ref=ts

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27 Apr '09 1:42 pm
Hee hee - a whole lot of Freds! Groovy, and all the very best with your own worm farm. Names?
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Re: Worm Bin Composting

26 Mar '10 2:28 pm
They have been teaching the kids at the local schools of worm farming for a long time at our local School Mullenix Elementary Port Orchard,WA all the kids help feed the worms all the scraps it as well cuts cost s of waste disposal on the school budgets... My old neighbor in WY had a box under her kitchen table cause the ground freezes to up to 8 feet down during the winter... she is now up in good ol wet WA where we both were from... Wormmies are great not just the juice though they keep the ground tilled under the roots... been around for many years.


Re: Worm Bin Composting

8 Apr '10 11:29 am
I don't like looking at worms especially those in the picture. But I do acknowledge the benefits they can give to my garden. So, I don't really have much choice but to bear looking at them and using them. Just recently, I've started to learn how to do worm bin composting.

Pauly WFR

Re: Worm Bin Composting

4 May '10 5:52 pm
Hey everyone,

I was reading all the posts on worm farming. I liked all the comments. I have some worm farms and I gave all my worms Social Security numbers instead of names :^o
Hey worm woman. Where are you. I haven't seen you post since 07'
Well, looking forward to chat'n with some of you here.
In the meantime check out


I've been worm farming for a few years now and thought I would teach others about it.
Chat later 8)

Happy worming,


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